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AdvanTex™-AX Wastewater Treatment System

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Constructing a leach field on top of your lawn is unsightly and can reduce the resale value of your property. By using the Advantex® system with subsurface drip irrigation we can reduce the depth to ground water to 2'8" from grade and with a 50% reduction in leaching area.

Where denitrification is required, the AdvanTex, combined with a suitable receiving soil (reasonable percolation in the A and B horizons of the receiving soils), can achieve significant denitrification. If the soils are impossible, then we design a zero-discharge system and use up all the effluent by evapo-transpiration (with attractive and thirsty plants).

For more information on the power of plants to solve difficult problems click on this link phytoremediation.

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Compact and affordable, AdvanTex Treatment Systems provide consistent, reliable treatment of onsite wastewater. Even under peak conditions. AdvanTex Treatment Systems are ideal for small sites, system upgrades and repairs, new installations, pretreatment, and nitrogen reduction.

The AdvanTex Treatment System comes as a totally pre-manufactured package, including the AdvanTex Filter, Biotube Pumping Package, and control panel. At sizes starting from 4' x 2.5' x 2.5', the AdvanTex Filter is compact and lightweight (about 160 pounds). So it's easy to handle; the Filter can be lifted and carried by two people. And it can be installed right on top of the septic tank or hidden under a deck.

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Instead of using sand or gravel for the filtering media, the AdvanTex product line uses an engineered textile. Textile is much more efficient than sand or gravel because it has about five times more surface area. That's why, with textile filters, you can treat the same amount of wastewater in a fraction of the space.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are easy to service, easy to clean, and use very little power. Their operation is virtually invisible to homeowners when they are packaged with our VeriComm remote telemetry unit and its round-the-clock, web-based monitoring system.

VeriComm gives wastewater operators and service providers the ability to remotely monitor and control each individual system, saving money on operations and maintenance and helping to meet all regulatory requirements.

The VeriComm Monitoring System saves money on operations and maintenance by...

• Automatically notifying operators of alarms or alerts

• Allowing operators to change many system settings from office or home

• Heading off problems before they become serious

• Diagnosing problems and making recommendations for actions

• Troubleshooting the system automatically and making self-adjustments, if needed, based on trend data

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