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  • Advanced Secondary Ecological System for a Town Center
  • Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment for a Housing Development

Sometimes the best way to use a site's assets is to install a system shared by several buildings. EEG's specialty--smaller footprint systems with ecological planted treatment cells that double as gardens and landscape--are ideal for this application. Groves of trees, wetlands, theme gardens and shrubbery can serve as integral parts of a treatment plant. Unlike ugly buildings housing mechanical systems (EEG can design those, too), these systems are good neighbors: attractive, educational, and with no odor problems.

A wastewater plant grows away wastewater in a town center

When the store owners in the center of Weston, Massachusetts town were required to upgrade their aging wastewater systems, they sought a system that wouldn't detract from this picturesque historic town. They chose a Solar Aquatics System, an attractive greenhouse enclosed profusion of tanks filled with flowering greenery. School groups and others from around the region tour this facility regularly. The system cleans wastewater to a standard clean enough to discharge to the surrounding sensitive wetlands. In fact it's so clean, it could be used to flush toilets, wash cars, and irrigate plants.


Ecological system to manage new community's wastewater

When multi-unit buildings are introduced to an area, developers can be sensitive to local concerns. EEG is often called to design wastewater solutions that are amenities, adding only attractive facilities that will not detract from building values in the neighborhood. We are engineering two such systems in progressive new developments; contact EEG or stay tuned for news and photos on this site.

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