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  • Site-built non-polluting water-wastewater systems
  • Eco-tourist facility solutions
  • Simple systems for remote or developing country applications

Beautiful Solutions for Water-Sensitive Areas

EEG began as a firm that specialized in solutions for remote, coastal and island communities in the early 1970s. We have worked with eco-resorts worldwide, Greenpeace International in the Pacific islands, and coastal regions in lake, river and seacoast regions throughout North America. EEG is renowned for its work in developing low-cost solutions using local materials and using local expertise. Many of our clients do not want to pollute the very water resources that drew them to their beautiful sites in the first place. We work both on location and remotely.

Non-Polluting System for an Island Resort

The owners of Lalati, a resort on Bega island off of Fiji, wanted a wastewater system that would not pollute the water. EEG designed garden-like wastewater systems that use up washwater at each building and site-built composting toilets with micro-flush toilets that are compatible with an upscale resort. Guests feel good knowing they are not polluting the islandŐs coral reefs which provide world-class diving.

This same design was adapted for use by a remote resort in Belize.

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Ecological Wastewater System Design and Demonstration Projects

EEG has been hired by Greenpeace, the South Pacific Commission and island nation governments to design ecological wastewater systems that are easily built and operated by island residents in Fiji and the Micronesian islands of Kosrae, Pohnpei, Yap and Palau. For Palau, EEG designed a system for use on the Rock Islands, popular resting spots for hundreds of divers daily. The public health college on Fiji hired EEG to design and build an ecological toilet with students so they could take this knowledge back to their home islands to prevent disease and contamination of aquatic resources.

These systems prevent nutrient pollution and euthrophication of waters, prevent spread of disease, conserve water, and recycle nutrients.

EEG serves as technical consultant to Ecowaters Projects, which conducts workshops, demonstrations programs, and ecological sanitation introduction programs.

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