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  • Advanced wastewater systems for restricted sites: clay soils, rocky/ledgy sites, high groundwater
  • Massachusetts Title 5 systems
  • Source-separated and ecological landscape-based systems

Onsite wastewater systems are a specialty of EEG. We are a known pioneer of innovative solutions for clients--changing laws and piloting new systems to allow for new, better water and wastewater solutions.

EEG does not use any particular technology; we choose site- and client-specific solutions for the most effective treatment for the least cost. Every site offers challenges as well as opportunities depending on a variety of factors. We make the best use of these opportunities to save clients money while effectively solving problems.

Here are examples of solutions EEG has engineered for clients with great results. Where appropriate, we also specify FAST, Bioclere, and even site-built systems.

Advantex Systems: Advanced wastewater treatment for a reduced-size leachfield and landscape irrigation opportunites [click here for more information]

Constructing a mounded leachfield on top of your lawn is unsightly and can reduce the resale value of your property. By using the Advantex® system with subsurface drip irrigation, EEG can reduce the depth to ground water to 2'8" from grade and with a 50% reduction in leaching area.

Where denitrification is required, the AdvanTex, combined with a suitable receiving soil, can achieve significant denitrification. If the soils are impossible, then we design a zero-discharge system and use up all the effluent by evapo-transpiration (with attractive and thirsty plants).

For more information on the power of plants to solve difficult problems click on this link phytoremediation.

Ecological Zero-Discharge Systems (Aerobic Biofilter/Composting Toilet and Graywater System): Separating flows at the source for easier management

Where site conditions are very restrictive, clients have elected an ecological source separated system whereby blackwater (anything that leaves the toilet) is managed in an aerobic system that's kept separate from graywater (water used for washing). This system has received approvals throughout the country. Composting toilets and aerobic biofilters--with a waterless or microflush toilet--can be used to manage blackwater, the source of most nutrients and potential pathogens in wastewater. Graywater, which poses far less of a pathogen risk and offers a high volume of water for plant irrigation, is managed separately in a planted system.

Installing a composting toilet qualifies the building owner for a smaller leachfield, a cost savings.

The rationale: Why dispose of valuable water when it can be grown away with your landscaping?

Click here to download a factsheet about one such installation for a residence.

Graywater and Wastewater Landscapes

EEG is a pioneer in developing, testing, and permitting constructed ecosystems--essentially specially engineered landscapes--that treat wastewater with an adaptive living mix of plants, substrate, and site features. The result is cleaner water and water and nutrients that feed plants instead of polluting groundwater.

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